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April 02, 2012


Nancy Wyatt

Sounds like life is good and it happens and so sometimes blogging comes second and that is ok! Glad your trips to AZ are filling up your love tank! Love you sweet friend!

p.s. Any updates on Spark #4? I know the sista's are itching to hear ;)

jennifer Camplin

Understood with so good to be home in between the traveling.

In time will tell when you feel ready for new puppy. (no pressure)


If you could.. Follow me on instagram ~> JenniferCamplin
Thanks!! On Twitter I'm JAC.

Beth W

Yeah Margie!Since I have the entire Vintage Market collection and love to make cards,I'll be keeping my eye on the Bazzill blog!

Stacy H.


I think a new puppy is in order. I can't even tell you how much my little Yorkie Bella has filled my heart with so much love. I fought getting a dog. Thought I was a cat person. My son went into the Marine Corps. and my daughter was sad and missing her brother and begged me to let her have a little dog. I said no..I dreaded it. I thought it would be so much work, another added stress, etc. I gave in for my daughter's sake and all I can say is I was shocked and surprised how much we all love this sweet blessing and what she brought to all of us. I found that I am a dog person after all. I can't imagine my life without her. Unconditional love at all times.

Loving your honest posts and loving all of the Spark classes! Love your new line and looking forward to seeing what you have coming up.

Renee J.

Thanks for catching up with us, Margie! It is always so refreshing to visit your blog. 'Looks like you had a blast with the girls!!

Oh, did I tell you that I love Vintage Market? Yes, I did on Twitter, wink!


Sounds like your week is off to a good start. Skies here are beautiful clear blue one minute, then grey the next.

I am dying to see the new Hallowe'en line!!

Kim S. (nerdgrl)

Although only you can decide when it's time for a new puppy, I'm thinking that when our Steffi crosses the Rainbow Bridge, we won't be able to go very long before we'll be new parents. I just can't imagine life without a little furball of the barking variety. They bring so so much love and joy to our lives.

Maurice Cullen

Ottawa-born Dunnett has been living in Oaxaca. As in the case of so many artists who now reside in this city in southern Mexico, her arrival has been rather circuitous.

Wanda Phillips

Every day is a brand new day. Live each day as if it's gonna be your last day. And you just did it, Margie. It’s a big WOW for that fabulous day of yours. I love all the things you did on that day, very memorable. Thanks for sharing your photos. They're all lovely. Stay happy, Margz!

Santibanez Millan

Wow! Sounds so funny. You both look so enjoy doing your activities. Thanks for sharing.

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