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March 07, 2012



i love you!

Cathy H

you are such an inspiration! love!


beautiful gorjuss glowing Margie ...

i LOVE you ... depression is a sneaky thing sometimes, isn't it?? i understand.

thank you so much for your heart of gold ... for sharing so openly.


vicki boutin

Love you bunches!!!!


Depression is prominent in my family and something I find myself always looking for in my own life in attempt to be safe or catch it early--not so clear that is even possible. In the throws of PPD I had no idea, luckily those around me did.

Meanwhile, are you familiar with the Bloggess and her traveling red dress project? Probably worth looking into as she has been a recent brave face for the community and the idea of seeking joy and being ridiculously happy when possible.

teresa wilkins

you so inspire me!

Debby Ebeling

love to you from one of your unknown followers who understands the battle - you are wearing the full armor of God and you are victorious with Him


thank you margie... REALLY.
my brother took his own life.
boy did he suffer.
i miss him dearly.
he was gentle. kind. artistic.
i believe...
artistic souls feel deep.
my soul is an artistic one too...
again, thank you for your bravery.
yes. REACH OUT...
it WILL help.
the light WILL come.
it WILL be brighter.
it IS there, even if "you" can't see it right now...

peace to all who suffer.
just don't suffer in silence...

Emma Tandy

you really are a inspiration, Your making me take a very long look at myself and maybe I need to reach out. Thank you x

Lola Fields

You are a wonderful lady inside and out. that is a great story about your mom's neighbor.

Creative Hugs,


You just keep that head UP, and look ahead. As I'm sure you have seen, MANY people love you, and that can be the fluffy cloud that can carry you when you feeling a little low. Keep looking UP and AHEAD. Warm hugs again from Africa xx


That is such a wonderful story about your parents and their neighbour. A great act of kindness and love for sure. Your words inspire me, keep me moving and motivated in a day....thank you. They are true. Powerful. I am grateful to have your blog to read every day. I have only met you once, but believe that I know you well...through your blog. Thank you. Your words stay with me, each time I read. You are an amazing woman, with wonderful things going on in your life. Thank you for sharing....everything.

Toni K

Thank you Margie. Thank you for reminding us. Some day I'll meet you and give you a great big hug :)

Sue B

Oh boy. I am in tears here. I think it takes great strength to step out and talk about depression. It still has such a stigma. I have struggled with depression for many years. I really don't discuss it, but know I need to. I love the group Bring Change to Mind that Glenn Close and her sister started to erase the stigma and get people to understand and discuss it. I can't thank you enough being to brave. I will keep you in my prayers.


You are amazing! Thank you for sharing your wise words - and for making me think about what I can do to help others. I love the reminder that if I focus on others, I have less time to dwell on myself. hugs!

Beth W

I love you!


Margie ... you are one amazining woman ... love and hugs from me and Walter!


Margie, you are so amazing and inspiring. You are one powerful woman!!!! Love and hugs,

logan wilhelm

Thinking of you....loving you and trying to focus on being GOOD to others. Thanks for the message!

Ana Paula Paes

You are such a brave girl for telling us how you feel. Wish I could do the same but I'm just not ready yet. Lots of love!

mary t

hey there!!
thanks so much for being so open.. I too am pretty honest about it but unfortunately , my husband does not mention it and is embarrassed when it is brought up.. what do I do?
mary t

Nancy Wyatt

xoxo love you


i'm so sorry about your brother...i lost my oldest brother to murder and it was so hard.
i love that everyone surrounded your family and let them feel all of that love that was there for them.
my sisters and i all take medication of some sort...my older sister at one point wanted to go off of hers, her doctor asked her if she had high blood pressure would she stop taking her meds...same thing, she stayed on them.;D
i love that someone who has the influence that you do is sharing this struggle and the personal way that it has affected you and your family. it's a message that needs to be heard...that it happens to a lot of us. that we aren't all crazy like on t.v. but we are the lady next door who seems to have all of her shit in order.:D
anyways...sorry for the novel. i really am just so proud of you! and thankful that you are sharing your shit.;D

Sharon Osborn

i love you...


Thanks for sharing your story and for the reminder to reach out to those we love. It reminded me to call my brother who is grieving right now. Hang in there.

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