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February 10, 2012



Glad your feeling better! And congratulations to the winners!


Glad you are up and at 'em! Hmmm...hoping you are considering maybe doing a new video series?? Requesting some spring/summer/wedding/party (ish) decor and gift ideas? It'll be a hit. just sayin' :)

Kathy Griffith

Glad you are feeling better Margie, darn I missed the Fiskar's contest. I love my Fiskars, I got them at the Chicago CHA show almost 5 yrs ago and they were engraving them at the show with your name on them if you wanted, I did and love them for all my paper uses.

SWRanches Donna

not for the contest, just really grateful to Fiskars - in the 90's my Grandmother was suffering terribly from arthritis and I was thrilled to be able to tell her about and buy her a pair of springloaded Fiskars. They truly did improve her quality of life, as she was able to use them for clipping coupons, snipping threads, and more, without the frustration or pain. Thank you, Margie, for reminding me of how important they've been in my life. (I'm sitting within 5 feet of no fewer than 6 pairs - diehard customer)


My forbidden scissors were "Griffon" pinking shears. I knew they were magical until my Mother finally let me use them. I brought them home with great anticipation. They were so dull that they were almost shredding the fabric. WHat a disappointment! That was a few weeks before Spark. Since then I ordred Rhona F.'s paper's from My Craft Channel, and they are magical. Reminds me of Spark. I've looked at them at least ten times, and I just got them several hours ago! When is the next Spark? Can't wait.

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Awesome memories from this fantastic project! thank you

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