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February 27, 2012



awesome :)


I have been through my own struggles with depression and what you write is so close to me. I should be happy because I have a great husband, great life, great son, etc. but it is hard. Glad that you are feeling better. Know that you are not alone. :)

Jen LoSchiavo

Brave, brave wonderful woman ... big hugs to you!

Megan Hare

Thank you for sharing. The more women (and mem) realize they aren't alone, the easier it will be for them to get help. {hugs}


Sending you love and hugs Margie. Great, fabulous post today. I too, struggle with depression, and I am also the "happy girl". You are soooo very right though....in everything you said. Love and hugs again..



Thanks Margie. You are such a brave woman to post this... lots of positive energy coming back to you!

Cheryl Ashworth

Thank you, thank you, thank you. I struggle to talk about the same thing on my own blog but I have to. I have to get it out, and on paper it's less scary.


I love you, lady. xo.

kelly barton

margie....i deep exhale i share for you. thank you for the honesty. much love to you chickadee.

Dawn M

I hear you! I understand. Been there. Sometimes I feel like there is no way to get out of the shit pile. But there is. Be patient with yourself. Love yourself. HE loves us. No matter what. Unconditionally. Even when we don't always feel HIM. HE is there. Love you sweet sister! I CARE!


You are not alone with this kind of struggle Margie. You are brave to talk about it on your blog. Hopefully it helped to start "washing it off" by writing about it. When it hits you think you are loosing the battle and it will never get better - but it sounds like you are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel and that is a great thing. Keep fighting. Hugs and kisses from Texas.


I haven't commented often but today I have to say thanks for the heartfelt post. It is so very true. Thank you for your honesty! Don't change!

Martha Richardson

You go girl! A great post...and you put these trials & tribulations in the correct context...thank you;)

Amy Cannon

I suffer from seasonal disorder and this winter, I got sick for a few months and it took me another month just to feel normal. My depression is my situations in life, never about my life, or bad thoughts. Just never feeling 100 percent that I know I am capable of!
ASK FOR HELP! I wish every single woman knew this and wasn't afraid to ask for it! Thank you for posting and being open and saying that asking for help is encouraged!!! xoxoxo

Cathy H

Thank you for your honesty! Time to stop hibernating for me too! Bless you always...you are such an inspiration!

Nancy Wyatt

Love you my friend! To the moon and back!! xoxo


I love you!


Love this and your honesty.. Thank you for sharing.. Gods love is always there and yes he knows every hair on our head.. even the gray ones.. lol.. Love you so much !!

Sally Lynn MacDonald

Really powerful stuff. Thank you for being real and for sharing the difficult right alongside the sunshine. I'm pretty sure lots of sunshine is just around the corner for you. Feel it. <3

Elaine Allen

Margie you are loved! And we are always here for you. Hang in there sweetie, there will be a better day. The sun will welcome and embrace you in its warmth just as we all embrace you. Margie, you are loved.

Elaine Allen


you got tears just a streamin down my face right now. just posted about this very thing a week or so ago. it's so important to know we aren't alone.
if you had any idea how much i needed to hear this today it would blow your freakin mind. seriously.
thank you.

teresa wilkins

My prayers are with you. I am one of those who struggle too. I am in hibernation mode right now and I know I need to overcome that! Reading you post made me re-think my day. I hope you have a better afternoon.


Love your post today. Don't change, that's the way you are, and that is what makes you unique. None of us really show people our TRUE feelings, unless we are really close to them. Today, even if I have not met you face to face, I do feel a little closer to you. TFS

Rebecca Lovell

Thanks so much for this Margie. I too have struggled off and on with depression. And when I was feeling really badly the other day, I asked for help. Just asking for it made me feel so much better. I just needed someone to talk to about it, you know? Just getting something off your chest can sometimes help so much! Often it's so easy to let people think our lives are great, and that we are so happy, but sometimes that's just not the case, and just because someone is smiley and sunshiney on the outside, they can totally be hiding a world of hurt. I love you, Margie!!! So much!!

Jennifer C

kiss kiss

“Where there is a stink of shit there is a smell of being” Antonin Artaud

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