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February 20, 2012



aaa...you have me all choked up.
my oldest just turned 20, she's a she.
she's taken a few left turns when they should
have been rights...it's hard as a mom to watch
sometimes without covering your eyes.;)
but she, too, is an amazing girl.
just from what i have seen of you...at spark and on this
little blog of yours...i have NO DOUBT that you are
an amazing mom and i'm not just blowin smoke.:D

teresa wilkins

Margie, your writing is fantastic. I, like so many others, can relate to your take on motherhood. My children mean the world to me and my grandchildren are like icing on the cake. Your time is coming. Just hold on because holding grandchildren is so sweet.


I adore you sweet friend!

Nancy Wyatt

What a sweet post! I have always felt how deep your love for your children is via your words then after meeting you and the girls! Happy birthday Max!! Hugs to you my friend, love you!


That was beautiful and made me smile the entire time I was reading... I love the LOVE that a son brings to a mothers heart. It is an amazing gift. Congratulations on such beautiful children!


This is such an awesome post. thanks for sharing. it's really nice as a young mother to see amazing women like you who have given their kids the love and attention they need, while at the same time still progressing as a person. For me this is a hard balance. But in general I'm very bad at being balanced. :)

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I read your article from the top to end, it was full of spirit emotions, I think growing children is like to build a city, and its not an easy job..:)


i too... ALWAYS wanted to be a mom.
mom... yes please.
my 3 mean everything to me!
HAPPY 20th MAX...the best is yet to come!


that is so beautiful Margie, he's a handsome guy, looks a lot like you!

Wendy Myers

So sweet my baby boy turns 20 this year, I can hardly believe it. There is nothing like a Son!
You got to love them unconditionaly, but there sure try ya sometimes! lol


Made me emotional. Loved the post. Happy birthday.


Happy Birthday Max, I hope you have a fantastic year and that it's filled with everything that makes you happy!!
Love what you wrote Margie, he's a lucky kiddo to have you as a mom!
Bernadette (South Africa)

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