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February 06, 2012



My first memory is cutting in school...my favorite blunt edge scissors...they were all mine and meant freedom!!

Barbara Frazier

My first memory of Fiskars is stealing them from my mothers sewing box to use while making clothes for my Barbie. Finally, my mom bought me a pair and made me girl-scout-promise that I would ONLY use them on fabric ... NEVER EVER paper.


My mom sewed so I remember she had some in the sewing room and then a set in the kitchen too. My mom bought me a pair of cheap scissors my 1st grade year and they broke so mom bought a blunt edge Fiskars for 2nd grade. I was so proud of those because they were just like my moms and used them for many years.

Laure Janus

I too "borrowed" my mom's Fiskars from her sewing drawer. They were the only scissors in our house that were sharp and I needed to cut out my paper dolls from the Sears catalog. I got in double trouble because I backed my catalog pages with construction paper (added strength) attached with paste before I cut out the dolls, so my mom had dull, GLUEY scissors. I didn't understand the big deal then but I sure do now. My kids always knew not to touch the scissors with the fabric scrap tied to the handle. I still love my Fiskars!

Julie Corrigan

I remember my sister and I getting ahold of my mom's Orange handled Fiskars to cut Barbie's hair (oh and maybe my sister's hair, but don't tell!). I LOVE scissors and now get mad when my kids take mine...the cycle continues. Happy Birthday Fiskars!

Allison M.

They look just like the pair my Mom always kept in our "junk" drawer in the kitchen! I've used and loved those orange handled scissors for ever. In fact - she still has the same pair in her new kitchen junk drawer.


My first memory of using Fiskars was from my mom too! I would sit at her feet while she sewed. I would cut fabric scraps and make clothes for my Barbies. I was never allowed to use her Fiskars on anything but fabric. That was her Golden Rule.


My Mom ALWAYS had those orange Fiskars in the top compartment of her sewing machine cabinet, and if I were to open it today they probably are still there...


I remember my Mom using Fiskars when she sewed too ... nearly 30 years ago!

Lynn Y

I remember cutting my bangs super short with my moms orange handled scissors...then hoping she wouldn't notice, walked around with my eyebrows super raised. Haha!


My First memories of Fiskars ...I always had Fiskar envy of my grandmother! She had such a nice "old" pair that she kept in her top drawer of her sewing cabinet, and I was always stuck with the kitchen utility scissors!! ... I NEEDED to use that pair of hers when I was "designing" a new wardrobe for my barbies or for my baby dolls! I mean, what else but a great pair of Fiskars can cut that itty bitty scrap of fabric so well??? So, I would sneak into her room....quietly open the drawer and sit under her sewing table to cut my scraps with her fancy Fiskar scissors! Sneaking anywhere in a 200 year old house is NO easy feet! She always figured out I had been in there using her scissors...always! But I couldn't resist...and that is when I got hooked on them! Those are my first memories of Fiskars...

Emma Tandy

I remember sitting watching my gran use her fiskar scissors to make mine and my sisters bridesmaids dresses when I was about 6/7 and being told NOT to touch them lol


My first memories of using Fiskars is not a good one as I got in trouble in first grade for cutting before the teacher said we could cut. This is one of the few memories I have of my early life, but it must have made an impression as I still don't cut straight when I use scissors. =)

Barbara Dundas

I don't have any memories, my mom was not a crafty person. I would
love to have some memories of my own. Having a good pair of scissors would be nice.


My mother had a pair in her sewing room drawer. I remember loving them and trying to use them on things I wanted to cut. She would get on to me that these were meant for sewing only and for her use.

I'd sure like a pair for my own sewing room today! ;-)


I love scissors ... all kinds of scissors for all different purposes ... and Fiskars is by far my favorite. My mother had the orange handled pair and we used them for crafting, we used them in our Girl Scout Troop when I was the leader, and now I use them every day when I craft! I could sure use a near pair ... and I might share them with dad!!!


I'm pretty sure I was born with a pair of fiskers in my hand ;)

Cheryl Leong

Oh man, I don't own a Fiskars

cheryl131091 at yahoo dot com

Anita T

Gosh, i think my first memory of using Fiskars scissors was in the office of my parents restaurant. Fiskars is my fave scissors!! mahalo for sharing.

Amor Ashby

My 1st memory? Actually very easy as it is so recent! Only started using Fiskars products in 2011, and am I sorry I battled for years without it! Love my Fiskars!


I really don't have a "1st" memory - I just always thought the orange Fiskar scissors were the only ones (besides my lefty Ginghers my Mema bought for fabric)!


My first memory was in preschool. I loved my blunt scissors.

Julie O.

LOVE Fiskars scissors!! My kiddos are all getting crafty on me so we definitely need more in our house! I grew up with them as well. My Grandma had Fiskars scissors and used them when mending our clothes!


My first memory was taking a bus when I was in high school to our shopping district where I had signed up for a sewing class at Singer Sewing and they had Fiskar scissors. Had never seen them but instantly fell in love.

Sheri Twing

My first memory of Fiskars sounds much like yours. I remember my Mom using them while she was sewing. I always wanted to use them but "they are only for fabric, not paper"... Love Fiskars!

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