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March 02, 2011



Come to NY!!!! :)

Annette A.

awesome projects...

Amy Allred

Your post was great, and I think you are so right with the passing of time. I so wish I could freeze it at times, just so I could savor the moments a little longer!!! Thanks for sharing!


yipppeee to new beginnings...yippee to new papers...Yipppee to you..tippee to sunshine..yippee to creating...and yippee to being well, flapping wings and being brave!! xoxo


So happy you will be back at She Scrapbooks in March!


It's so true that artwork shows the heart of the person.... you can see through your creations what a beautiful heart you have. Have a great day Margie! :)

(P.S. It's starting to feel like spring/summer in Alabama. You can always come here if you're needing a taste of summer. Just sayin'.) ;)

Nancy Wyatt

Adorable projects and I just love your posts!! All the ladies who will be taking your classes are so lucky to get to spend time with you and soak up all that creativity you ooze!! Work is keeping me busy but have to make time to stop and read my sweet Spark sisters blog! A nice pick me up now back to work! hugs, hugs and more hugs!

p.s. My friend Lolly Chops is teaching for Donna at Inspired, hope you two get to meet!

Erin Ummel

I know--I feel like my life is on fast-forward sometimes! EEEK! The projects you are teaching look lovely--I am so excited to hear you may teach them online! I live in KC...would love it if you'd come out this way! :)


I totally live for summer too! :)Can't wait to get some of your new papers!


OMG! Wish I could come to some of those classes!!! Lovin' the sun here too!!


Y*U*M*M*Y projects...
Y*U*M*M*Y products...

Lisa J

Too excited you'll be in Edmonton! I hope to be at the class ~ loved your CE 2010 class.

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