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February 28, 2011



Hugs Margie... Hope you are on the mend.

Sheri Twing

Margie, we could never forget you! I love it when you blog! Glad to see you are getting back to normal! Have a great week!


missed you...
glad you are back, jammies & all!
love me some jammie days...lol

Nancy Wyatt

Glad you are feeling better! Thanks for this post, needed it! Work has been terrible and it's carried me into a sulky mood even when I'm not at the office and I need to snap out of it! I have even noticed that my one cocktail a month has turned into 4 in this past month and so I need to not let that creep up any higher because of all the stress! So, thanks for the reminder how life happens and we need to get back on track! BTW, your box is packed up and still sitting on my guest bedroom bed. Yep, sitting there with your address marked out cause I wrote it wrong. Yep...still there waiting for me to put a new address on it. And take it to the Post Office! Going to make it happen this week! I am going to be positive this week so I can turn things around like you have!! Glad you got the extra set of keys made, but sorta glad you didn't have them then cause it was the laugh I needed that day ;) Love you sweet friend!! Ohhh, gotta go to the SheArt site and login to see what Christy has to say for our first day!! hugs!!! Ok, I'm done rambling!! xoxo

Corinne Braun

thank you so much for that quote. it's the letting go that's the hard part, isn't it? ((hugs)) but yes, indeed, life happens and i'm glad you're bouncing back. love reading your blog and tweets... THANK YOU!

Emma Tandy

I've sat reading your post today in tears as I have been in the same place as you and It's got me down but after reading your post it's kicked me in the butt and I'm going to stop feeling sorry for myself and get going I do hope that you will have an online class so soon and I'm glad you have come out the other end thanks for the kick I'm going to start creating tonight when the kids have gone to bed lets bounce back together hugs and kisses xxx


Enjoy your jammie day. It sounds like you've sure earned it.
Glad to hear that you've gotten a spare key too ;)


So glad you have extra keys now. I has a similar situation years ago. Locked my self out of my house twice in 3 days.In my garage, I actually had to climb up on a latter, pull myself up into the attic, with a flashlight. Find my way through the attic the the back of the house and to the attic access in my master bedroom closet. I had to lower the stairs and climb down. This was not fun, and I am scared to death to climb up on latter. Needless to say right after the second time I went and had extra keys made.

melody ross

I am loving you...and I will be loving you forever and ever and ever. xoxoxo I am so in awe at who you are and all that you have done in spite of so many things. So proud of you, so proud to know you.....soooo thankful for YOU.

Belinda Basson

you got me sining that song...Monday, Monday, la la, lala la la its been good to me...

rhonda nickol

Love jammie days! Hope your mouth and face get to feeling better soon and I am enjoying my Monday for sure my man Jeff Gordon won yesterday in Nascar and I am gonna celebrate all week!

Carrie P

just when i thought i'd move to the neighborhood for some entertainment~

gina lideros

glad to hear things are going well, I love jammie days!

Martha Richardson

Thanks for writing MY POST...LOL! So true...shaking my head ;)


Happy to see you here today...I worry.


glad your back on track,and all is well.Can't wait to see the new pink line YAY!!!!!!!!!

Tina  M.

You are unforgetable!!! So happy to know you had 3 sets of keys made! You should be safe from that incident again!!!! Did you say Pink,,,,,ohhhh my favorite color, cant wait to see it!


Adele is making my days right now!
Glad you're on the mend too!

Jen R

SOOO needed that quote! Thank you for sharing it. :)


Love the quote! Hope you had a kick butt day! <3

Renee J.

We would never forget you sweet, Margie! You are absolutely awesome. 'Glad that you are feeling better. 'So glad, too, that you are getting a chance to create as only you can!! Keep getting better. 'Sending lots of hugs your way. xox.


finally got to your blog today - really cool to read - always is. I am one of those ones who was in Christchurch, NZ last week (my home town) when the earthquake shook! what a horrible experience. I took my 2 girls (15 &13) & myself & drove for 2 days (the day after the shake) to stay with family friends. I understand when you say life gets derailed !! totally - our lives are upside down. But one has to be thankful for what you do have have - not what you don't have. We weren't injured & are all safe. Thats whats most important. So just start that list again, as we all do & it will get done. Take care Tracey

Christy Tomlinson

I just adore you and this post!!!!!!!


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