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February 16, 2011



OK, so I was already laughing, and then I got to the line "the blind is whacking me in the face", I freakin' lost it. Don't know why that struck me so funny but it did! You are a mess, girl!


And THIS is why I love you!!
Feel better, friend. You have SO MANY more adventures to document for all of us!!!!

Renee D

sorry for your troubles, but oh how I so love this story..... Hope you are feeling better today :)

Shelly Berg

Oh how i love this story too - laughing so hard and then even harder at the end. You are so true and so real - and you make me smile (and today you made me miss my mother so much!) Thank you sweet Margie!


Best post ever. You are the three stooges. I love all of you. Even Babe and Rocco.

Allison Orthner

First time to your blog Margie (we've met, but I don't expect you to remember :)... totally LOVED your story and perspective of this day in your life!!! Thanks for sharing!




For real.


DYING laughing at the visuals.

Thank you for sharing that story today.

Love you!

Anda williams

Ok you really made my day. I was kinda feelin sorry for myself. I had foot surgery - it hurts can't get around too well and you know poor me! Well reading this cracked me up not only for the story but also cuz it's so me!! Life so crazy so wonderful so unexpected at every turn!! Love ya girly :) Anda

Deanna C

Great story, and really great delivery. Love how you write. Love that you had such a fun story to share (altho, not so fun for you to live--ha!). Amazed at your continued sense of humor thru it all, pissy moments and all ;) Aleve Cold and Sinus is my wonder drug of choice, too BTW!


hahaha that is hilarious!!

Cim Allen

What a classic story !! You sound like an awesome mom :)

Mandy Starner

that is sad and silly all at the same time! I have had my fair share of days like that. Big hugs! I hope the rest of the week is a piece of cake!

Stephanie O.

Still laughing, I think I will laugh all day....not at you, but with you! Thanks for the bright spot today.

I hope you feel better soon.

Nancy Wyatt

YOU my friend are MY HERO and how I do LOVE you!!!!



Maria A

oh Margie, you just made me burst our laughing at work...guess I am busted but it is worth it! I have been there more than once so I can totally "see" what you did! I love it! Hope your day is great today!


wow...I felt this was me reading my journal! Got to laugh, right? Thank you for shaaring "Real Life" with us! Hope you are feeling better...Grace xoox

Rhonna Farrer

LOVE this so much.
LOVE You so much!

I'm laughing so hard...so classic!


such a great story...although i doubt you will ever forget it, it's nice that it is recorded for all the little details...

Annette Kuusinen

Awww sweet Margie. Thanks for sharing your story - totally made me chuckle. Been locked out too, but it was the middle of the night. Had to wake our neighbors for the key. Such is life. May as well laugh about it.

Michelle Philippi


The only thing that would have made it better is if you would have pee'd yourself when you landed...then it would have like tied the whole story together, you know? Ha!!

Sandra ltb

at least you can laugh!
take care.

Kirsten J

Oh I laughed - sorry it was at your expense, and happy you got in, even if a little bumped and bruised....at least the neighbors didn't call the police :)

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