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February 12, 2010



Looking forward to the tutorials and to see you at least on video if not in person ; ))

rosey NYC

the cups are great 1 want one


Just wanted to let you know how much I look forward to reading your blog. You have such an "UP" attitude that its helps me to keep my day positive. Thank you...and i love your junkbows...can't wait to see the tutorials.


what - more fun news. can't wait to hear! AND will SO be ordering a cup kit or two or three. LOVE IT!!!

Julie Corrigan

Love the cups! You're up to great things!

Renee J.

Margie, I hope that you feel all the way better sooner than soon. Oh, 'can't wait to hear more big news. It is always so fun to share it with you and everyone here on your blog. Hugs to you!!


And here I sit- still- with no glitter cup.


Love ya- feel better-


Emily T.

Can't wait to see the tutorials! That glitter cup...so cute!

val gould

wow glitter cup kits!!!! oh my!!! I defineately need me one of those!!!!!!!

Lisa Hodge

Hope you feel better soon! Don't forget to take some time just for you so you don't get bummed!!
I WANT A GLITTER CUP KIT!! COUNT ME IT!! They are just too cute! Can't wait for your tutorials and what more could you have to tell us?? Can't wait! You LOVE to torture us don't you? Ha ha!
Have a Happy Valentines Day!
Happy Scrappin'
Lisa H. in Arkansas

Melissa Minor

Can't wait for the tutorials! And those cups are amazing!

Elaine Allen

Margie -

So sorry you were laid up with a headache. I know those things can be killers. You take care of yourself.
Looking foward to all the good things you have planned and really looking forward to the tutorials.

Elaine Allen

Rhonna Farrer

mmmm! love you, girlfriend! xox


Hope you feel better soon & get a chance to relax over the weekend :) Looking forward to hearing your big news on Monday!


does the big news have to do with the PR Scrapbook Event in June?!?!?! I hope so 'cause I am already looking forward to it!!!! :)

Kathy Kurth

I can't wait to see the video's! Love Love the cups!


you can do it!!!


Carrie P

Get better!


Love the glitter cups! Will they've available soon? My dd is participating in our local jr miss program and that would make a great little giftie for her.
Can't wait to hear you big news!

Michelle Aguilar

wow, love those glitter cups cuz some ladies from CE gave me now twice these cute cozy cups and one was embroidered wtih a big pink "M" I love RED and I know you love Pink! LOL
so, are you coming to CE 2010? I bet that is it. :) I am happy as this time around I elected now to go for now as my Juan really needs to get to our house in Mexico finally after 6 years. But, just maybe after I get picked or not get picked from the lottery then I can attend closer to the event, when they open spots again.
I was asked to volunteer in 2008 and turned it down to just do the classes if I got in and I did for my second year in a row. I am wanted to volunteer again this time but, don't know if they are needing anymore.

and one thing for sure, if you are teaching, it will be a sell out!!!! take care

Michelle Aguilar

I mean I elected not to go for now. LOL Sorry about my typo!

Erica Hardy

Everything about those cups can be summed up with one word -- DIVA! I need several of those kits, I can't wait until they are available for purchase.


That Amy...she's a gem. Love, love the glitter cups!

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