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February 22, 2010


melody ross

I love you Margie!!!!!!


Stop it! tears of joy right now! You are beyond awesome! miss your sweet spirit so much. even when it is more LOUD!~ than sweet :) tm



Cheryl Waters

Yes, the tears are coming. I'm hurting today missing my Brave Girl Sisters so much. It was an incredible experience and yes, 'life changing'. I'm still processing as it was so incredible. I am blessed my friend Margie that I saw the beauty of your heart! Love . . . we did!


So beautiful Margie! My heart feels so warm and filled with love. I'm so very grateful to have shared this experience with you and all the other Brave Girls. I keep smiling and can't get you all off my mind today. Definitely hard to get back to the groove of real life (especially work!) but I'm feeling much more relaxed, much more loved and with alot more support and strength to face the world knowing I've got my Brave Girls with me. :)


I MISS YOU SO MUCH ALREADY MARGIE!!! Can't wait till we can meet up again. LOVE YOU GIRL!!!


OMGosh this sounds so PERFECT! I LOVE this idea! Love that you went with Christy too! I would LOVE to meet both of you girls! :)))
Love ya,

Jenny Doh

Thanks for all the laughter and heartfelt sharing, Margie. So happy to have become friends.

Jennifer Rummler

That was definitely a week of being where we were supposed to be, when we were supposed to be there. I am this week, too, and making things happen. . . but I sure miss all of you.
And can I say how much I love that you used the crazy laugh picture?? HAHAHAHA!!


Oh this makes my heart yearn to be back there with all my BGC sista's!! Margie you are so worth it, and I love love love you!

Chelsea Merrill

You are in so much trouble little lady. Out of all of the pictures....the crazy laugh one....REALLY!?? You know I love you you anyway. This was a beautiful post. I am SO glad to know you!!


I have heard of this...it is a dream of mine to go!! Someday!!! Glad you had so much fun and met so many wonderful people!


I'm already signed up for October! I can't wait! I need this today.


This is a beautiful post Margie!! I went to the first BGC last Oct. It is a magical, life changing experience for sure. Love and hugs to you!!


Wow, this sounds like an amazing experience. So glad you enjoyed it :)


Sounds like an awesome experience!!! thanks for sharing!

Really enjoyed seeing you and your lovely girls at CHA!


It's sounds like you had an absolutely wonderful and life changing experience! Love all the pics! :-)

Kathy Kurth

Welcome Home! You do so much for us it's great to see you get to do something for yourself!


Oh Margie, thank you for sharing. I now dream of going myself. I think I'd enjoy working a week as much as attending. Because you posted about leaving for GBC, I found Melody's site and just read and read and read. Such a blessing. Thank you so much for sharing! Love the pics!


Sounds AMAZING! Thank you for sharing with us.

Rhonna Farrer

awww. i LOVE this. love that it was so perfect for you & all the others!
love you! TONS!

Rhonda Zamora

I love your blog today (well, everyday . . . but especially today). I am glad youi are back and well rested.


WOW....it sounds so amazing!! I wish we had gatherings over here in Australia like that. My heart needs something like that. It sounds so empowering, wish I was there.

Thank you so much for visiting me on my blog and leaving a comment. I was so excited to see that you had taken the time to pay me a little visit and even leaving a comment.
I am eagerly awaiting for your products to be available on the Aussie online stores, they are amazing! Congrats on the new journey, of course it will be wonderful! xox


Your brave girl butterfly rocks and how cute are you in those camos?

Krystie Whillock

Such a beautiful blog post. Elena told me a little about it. I SO want to go...


So, I admit I'm hormonal right now, but choked up when I read your comments. What a lovely experience that sounds like, and something I think we all need in our lives. Good for you for doing that for yourself!

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