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February 09, 2010


Esther Rodriguez

Margie, in our house, this is known as a "little pink sock" moment. It refers to a syndicated comic in our local newspaper called Mutts. One of the principle characters is a little black & white cat who loves to play with a little pink sock. Hours can go by and he happily plays - then he is shocked about the amount of time that goes by :)


Esther - I love that comic....and Margie, I love your work (play?)...such fun.

Barb M.

Wow, your paper play turned out so cute! I can't figure out where the coffee filters are, please clarify, Margie. The garlands are my fave. Love it!


i used them in the centers of my tissue flowers!
kiss kiss


Love the banners - especially your "kiss kiss" one! Too cute!


All beautiful, I love the book paper banners :)

Barb M.

Amazing, Margie. Thanks for pointing out the filters. So fun!

crystal b

Soooooooo cute!!!!! You inspired me to go crazy for Valentine's day! Love what you do with paper Margie.

Rhonna Farrer

oooo, sooo scrumptious!
lovin' it ALL!
of course!
you are a*mazing!


Lovin' all of the fun! Love the book pages strung with the word "LOVE" that is so my style. Love everything you did! I make coffee filter flowers also, but mine are much smaller. I will have to send you a picture of mine.


oooh please do share!
kiss kiss


started on mine last night!

Debi Joy

Margie: I LOVE your style. You are tremendously talented. I'm now following you and Liz Kartchner's blogs and love it!

Keep up the good work.

-Debi Joy
Temecula, CA


Gorgeous!! How did you make the lollie in the upper left corner of the photo? I love it!! :)


My favorite is the Kiss Kiss. So pretty!

Sabine F.

Love all your play...especially the "kiss kiss" banner...got to make my own.

tinnitus cure

Here's one that belatedly came to mind: "GREAT"!

sally salter

hi margie i bought the love love love yesterday and dont know whewe to find classes/

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