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May 27, 2009



Okay - I blogged you! http://wellhownice.blogspot.com/2009_05_01_archive.html#3922406601393309608


just facebooked and twittered you, too!! (Itsjustlisa on twitter and lisa niolon tanner on facebook)

Melanie LaVergne

Ok I blogged about you Margie Girl. http://scrapwife.blogspot.com/

And I Twittered & Facebooked.

You are going to rock the Scrapbook World Girlfriend.


i blogged about the giveaway and facebook and twittered about it.

Jen White

posted your blog url on my facebook:

Can't wait to see your kits and the designs with them as well! --Jen White


Posted on my Facebook Profile page:



I HOPE I win, I HOPE I win, I HOPE I win,I HOPE I win,I HOPE I win,I HOPE I win,I HOPE I win,I HOPE I win,I HOPE I win,I HOPE I win,I HOPE I win,I HOPE I win,I HOPE I win,I HOPE I win,I HOPE I win,I HOPE I win,I HOPE I win,I HOPE I win,I HOPE I win,I HOPE I win,

Teresa Wilkins

Ok, I am going to blog you tonight. www.scrapbookalongwithme.com I will also send a link out to our crop email list. And...I'll Facebook too. Wow, I hope I win. Love you, Margie and I can't wait to meet your girls.

Amy Coose

I can't see the whole post...but I'm guessing there's a giveaway???


This is my "Tweet"
Hey scrapbook addicts! R U ready for The Girl's Loft!?! It's coming June 15! http://bit.ly/13fx4b http://bit.ly/lgSZr @MRomneyaslett

And yes, your post for me was cut off on the right hand side!

Denise Morris

I have a facebook account and it's listed under my name Denise Morris - you are already one of my friends but I don't exactly know how to show you the link. Oh well - no matter - thank you so much for all you do!!!! I saw the blog just fine.

tammy newger

I would LOVE to win this..
so exciting

Tammy Newger


I would love to win, pick me, pretty please! I had a class with you at CKU Provo years ago...it was the BEST, most exciting class I took, thanks for your inspiration and fresh ideas!


I blogged about ya!!! Just found you all on Facebook too!!!


Sharon F.

I am not seeing the whole blog - looks like the right side is not wrapping it going under the side bar.
Having said taht based on the other entries I can tell what I am to do to enter to win. So I am blogging about your new venture on both facebook and twitter. I am friends with you also - Jakesmama on Twitter and sharon fletcher on facebook.

Natalie McHenry

I put you on my blog http://mchenrymonkeys.blogspot.com/ and I'm a fan on FB!

Jennifer Mattix


Blogged, Tweeted, Facebooked, The only thing I don't have is a pink tattoo.... wait that might be cute. Maybe on the ankle? ;)

Crystal LaDoux

I am a fan of Girls Loft on Facebook! Wow it would be so cool to win 6 months of girls loft!

Crystal LaDoux
Fountain, MN

Jenny Rickard

ON my blog here: http://zeldadog1.blogspot.com/2009/05/2-posts-in-one-day-could-be-record.html

and on my FB...I added you as a friend so you could see it! :)

And that Gaylord Hotel...OMGoodness! Beautiful! Enjoy your stay!

Janet D.

I really wish I were at CKU, but since I can't be there... winning this giveaway might help.

Lisa Hodge

Hey girl! I just blogged at
and sent all my happy passersby to you....

Just gave you a tweet on Twitter...
I am happyscrapper72 there.

AND... posted about your great site on Facebook ... Lisa Hodge there...

Oh, I do wish I could WIN!!!
Lovin' the teasin' ... yep I am one of those Southern gals!! got the accent and proud of it :) hee hee!! Oh, and not all of Arkansas is as it shows to be on TV!! Don't believe everything you see!!


I blogged you!


I just facebooked you too!
Teri Kincaid

traci in virginia

I can't see the whole post but am reading between the lines...you are having fun in Nashville! Good For You! I attended one CKU there a couple years ago and met you and so enjoyed your positive energy. Glad to see you will be doing a club. I will check it out!!


Margie, How exciting to have a dream come true!!! I can feel your excitement in your post! And yes southern women are fun. Yes, I would love to be entered!

Thanks, Nancy

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