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October 01, 2008


Meghan E

I'll do it! Count me in :)

maria cloud

I accept this challenge


I think I'll give it a whirl!!! :) Maybe this little project will get my mojo going again!


Ill do it too! I did KZ challenge in March and it was so much fun!

fran heupel

Sounds like a wonderful challenge count me in!

Mary Ann

I think this is such a cool idea Margie!! Count me in!
I think it will be fun to see in 1 year the layouts that we all do about taking this challenge.
Can't wait to start!


I accept the challenge, I think this might just be exactly what I need right now. thanks Margie

Lisa H

Count me in! I am pulling my camera out right now!


I accept! Although, I'm currently at work sans camera so the RIGHT NOW photos will need to be A LITTLE LATER. ;) LOL

Teresa Wilkins

I am in! This will be the project to get me going. Thanks, Margie, for inspiring me.
Teresa Wilkins

not so mean girl

count me in Miss Margie....i've never done anybody's scrap challenges before....you will be the first!!!!


Well the girls at Ruban need to see me more often. So count me in. When are you coming to Florida again?

Christina Moquin

Totally accept. I never scrap myself, and I really need to.



Wendy Myers

I accept if you can do it I can do it!!!

Wendy Holifield

I accept! Can the pictures be taken throughout the next week, too? (We are going to Disneyland!)


Challenge ACCEPTED! What a great idea Miss Margie!

Dawn  M.

count me in! I'm always up for a good challenge! :)


I'm playing! Sounds like fun!


Yay love this idea! Sign me up!


I accept this challenge! Can't wait to get started :)

tammy b

count me in! i could do to remember the good stuff right now.


Sign me up, too!


Right on!! the game is on.


Oh i'm in!!

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