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September 11, 2006



Happy 41st my LL. Miss you like crazy! Can't wait till our next big adventure.

Jamie Hircock

Happy Birthday! :D


Happy B-day.... we miss you in az already! Tena

Michelle Payne

Happy Birthday my friend!!! Enjoy your special day...


happy birthday!! thanks for looking out for my little sis when i was not feeling well on day 2 of ce:) and for letting me borrow your stapler...it's the little things that mean the most to me..so glad you were in my group...so thank you!


I am bummed I missed out on the fun with you and the Ruban Rouge girls!! But wanted to wish you many birthday wishes!! Hope you had a great day. Sending you lots of love on your special day!!
:-) Chrissy


Glad you had fun!! Happy birthday again....

Theresa Jasper

Hi, Im Theresa! Now that we have met, Happy birthday Margie! I hope it rocked!!!!


Wanted to wish you a very happy birthday. Wish I could have went to Creative Escape but there is always next year.



Happy birthday you sexy mama! You don't look a day over 30.
Love you!


Happy birthday Auntie M! I was remembering you and hope you had a great day. Sorry that I didn't get to see you on your trip...next time look us up! Love you!

Teresa Wilkins

Happy Birthday Margie! Can't wait to see you in Arkansas in a couple of weeks.
Teresa Wilkins
Scrapbook Creations


Happy Pink!!!

Love the hair.

Kim Bolyard

Just wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday..one day late, but Happy Birthday anyway



Happy Annual Celebration.

Sounds like you girls had fun in Arizona.


Pam Black

Happy Birthday Baby!!!!! So fun seeing you again, I miss you!
You were so sweet to come and spend the weekend with us at CE, we really enjoyed having you here!
Love and kisses, PB


Hope you had a great birthday!
(I'm the one with the baby Grant, btw). :)


I know you had a fabulous time and I'm so envious. I love your new 'do!!! You don't look 41, you look...ah, let's see.......23, yeah, 23!


maggie Holmes

happy birthday margie!!


margie--happy birthday--it was fun to get to meet you at CE--totally a blast--glad you and lorie were in my group!!

shalom ;)


Sounds like you had SO much fun!

Happy Birthday!



Happy Birthday Margie!!! It was great to meet you and keep you entertained on the back rows of CE!!! HEE HEE! See ys again next year.....hopefully sooner!

Jolene George

Happy birthday sweet girl! So glad you had fun while you were here. love ya!
(((((big birthday squishy hugs)))) http://jolenegeorge.blogspot.com/


Happy Belated Birthday, Margie!
You're young compared to me. I hope you enjoyed your big day. Rock on DIVA girl! It was great to see you back in AZ again. We've missed ya. That on-site store was dangerous wasn't it. I just got your boho tapes and plum paint from S,Etc. yesterday. Come back and see us K?

Melissa Cavanaugh

Hey Miss Margie
Happy Birthday dear friend...it was so great to see you last week, your class at SE rocked and I am glad you got to "just be a girl" during CE, I am so glad you had a great time...we loved having you here!!! Yes, it was hard work, long hours, but IT ROCKED, DIDN'T IT??? Many thanks for all you do to keep us inspired as well. Let's get cheecky honey...until next time, kiss, kiss...BTW age is just a number (and I can say that because I am OLDER than you). Happy happy happy birthday

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