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December 01, 2005


michelle hill

oh.....so flippin cute..:) LOVE the pink...i just got my pink tree and all the trimmings in the mail today from urban outfitters..so fun...guess i have to go decorate now...have a fun time in hawaii...we leave for orlando on sunday for my one daughters cheer comp....walt disney world here we come..:) happy holidays margie...


Everything will work out well just remember to breathe. The tree looks great. I love the glitter, might have to try that next year....


Totally lovin' that tree Margie! So so cute! And I'm thinkin' you need to drop me a little email with this new direction thing for MM...dying to hear! (: Hugs girl!

Diane A

I am glad I am not the only one who hasn't started shopping. I keep thinking about it though, doesn't that count for anything?? LOL! Love the pink tree!! SOOO cute!! Good luck with the shopping!! Have a great day and weekend!!


Love the tree Margie! And I'm super jelly about your trip to Hawaii! Awwwww... that would be heaven! AND, I cannot beleive you were at the Gateway! I work at the Gateway! I work for an ad agency right above Virgin Records! We were so close! Ü


Ooohhh! Hip & Humble, I love that place. Sounds like a fun shopping/inspiration trip.


Oh - I just LOVE that tree!!! I have to say that I am a little jealous of your trip to Hawaii (minus the way too long plane ride). Now - go shopping :)


omg, i so want one of those terss in our office!


YOU should be Martha Stewart's next apprentice...

Yvonne Barrett

I just have to say thanks for the awesome muffin recipe. I made a 1/2 batch of these yesterday and my family fell in love. Wowzers are these nummy!!


LOVE LOVE LOVE this! inspiring. FUN!

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